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WHO:  Grade 7 and up


WHERE: The London Food Bank


Covid protocols will be followed including distancing, hand sanitizing and masking for everyone in the building.

Students who are unwell should not attend class.

All MT students must participate in Dance, Drama, and Vocal. We cannot accommodate students who choose not to participate in any aspect of the program.

Drama Students


  • Students focus on producing and performing a musical.

  • Strategy and problem solving skills are gained through active involvement in scripted plays and dramatic scenes.

  • Role play and characterization are developed through forms such as improvisation, reader's theatre and musical theatre.

  • Stage presence is built through the use of such tools as tableaux, positioning, stage blocking, direction and vocalizing.

  • The students learn technical terms to communicate ideas in dramatic context.

  • All show costumes and props are provided and each student gets a chance to select those that best meet their character's needs.

Dancing on Rooftop


  • Hip Hop/Jazz/Modern mix

  • A focus on group/ensemble dancing.

  • Students are encouraged to use their imaginations to create fun movement routines, free-style improvisations and dance choreographies set to music.

  • Students enjoy a fun environment and challenging experiences while also practicing and nourishing teamwork, partnership and community values.



  • Vocal spontaneity and clarity is expressed through songs, choral pieces and vocal exercises. 

  • Through vocal exercises & song the students learn to sing & speak with clarity, and gain in overall personal confidence, contributing to the growth of public speaking and leadership skills.

  • Materials Supplied

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