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About Us

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We believe the arts contribute to a child’s self-esteem; children become more perceptive and communicative. 



To provide FREE arts education to children whose families cannot afford instruction.

Perhaps you grew up loving music, dance, drama, visual arts or creative writing.  If you did, then you understand how important these activities are.


Imagine the excitement of a child learning to play their very first song on the piano.  Or when a child finally perfects a dance routine they have been practicing for weeks.  It gives a feeling of accomplishment that can be seen in a radiating smile.


The director and founder of Arts 4 All Kids is Karen Pincombe.  Karen, together with her husband, Brian Ratcliffe, and the support of the community, continue to keep this program alive.  Karen and Brian are both professionally trained musicians who love sharing their passion for the arts with kids in need.


Arts 4 All Kids operates under the umbrella of the London and Area Food Bank Inc.  This means that the London Food Bank is able to expand its service to the community by hosting our program.  We are grateful for their support in the creative nurturing of the children that come through their doors.

We believe community involvement is necessary if all children are to have the opportunity to experience the arts as a life-enhancing, and often life-changing, activity.  So we rely heavily on the efforts of our wonderful volunteers.

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We provide a club environment in which children may participate in two artistic areas of study.  Our enthusiastic volunteer instructors help the children learn basic concepts in their chosen artistic activity.


If you share our vision and would like to be involved, stop by on a Monday evening and see the smiles for yourself.  You can also contact us to volunteer or kindly make a charitable donation so ‘Our Mission’ can live on. 

We believe it truly does take a community to raise a child and that community involvement and support is crucial if all children are to have the opportunity to experience the arts as a life-enhancing, and often life-changing, activity.

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Since 1988, Arts 4 All Kids has been quietly providing free fine arts education for thousands of London-area children, aged 7 through 12, whose families are otherwise unable to afford private arts and music lessons.


Founded by London musician and educator, Karen Pincombe, and housed since its beginning at the London and Area Food Bank, Arts 4 All Kids is designed to nurture creativity and inspire growth in children of families with limited financial means.

We believe the arts prepare children to become better problem solvers, develop greater aesthetic awareness and become more sensitive and intelligent appreciators of the arts and of life.

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