To provide FREE fine arts exposure for children whose families cannot afford instruction.





We understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult for some families to provide their children with extras. Private lessons in the arts may be an expense beyond the family budget. 



















We believe money should not be an obstacle to every child having the opportunity to pursue learning in the arts.

We believe the arts are for everyone and have the power to transform lives.

We believe the arts contribute to a child’s self-esteem; children become more perceptive and communicative.  


We believe the arts prepare children to become better problem solvers, develop greater aesthetic awareness and become more sensitive and intelligent appreciators of the arts and of life. 


We believe children discover their individuality while appreciating the abilities and gifts of others.


We believe it truly does take a community to raise a child and that community involvement and support is critical if all children are to have the opportunity to experience the arts as a life-enhancing, and often life-changing, activity.  


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For the past 30 years, Arts For All Kids has been quietly providing free fine arts exposure for thousands of London-area children, aged 7 through 12, whose families are otherwise unable to afford private arts and music lessons.


Founded by London musician and educator, Karen Pincombe, and housed since its beginning at the London and Area Food Bank, Arts 4 All Kids is designed to nurture creativity and inspire growth in children of families with limited financial means.

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KAREN PINCOMBE, Founder and Director



Each registered child is invited to select two areas of interest from five artistic disciplines:

1. Music (piano, violin, guitar)

2. Drama

3. Dance

4. Creative writing

5. Visual arts.


We run two terms each year. For ten weeks each Fall and ten weeks each Winter the students meet on Mondays from 5:00 – 6:30 pm at the London Food Bank for a group class in each of their two areas of study. Each class is 45 minutes long. 

Each term includes an Open House and an end-of-term celebratory performance/party where family, friends, and supporters have the opportunity to see the kids in action, sharing the art that they love. 





For founder, Karen Pincombe, the Arts 4 All Kids journey began more than 30 years ago with a summer job. Karen was hired as music director at a summer camp for kids from economically disadvantaged families. Little did she know that this experience would transform her life, and many other lives too.